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[Eng] Presentation in Sam M. Walton College of Business(Smart Shopping Cart).

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Today is a memorable day in my life. I delivered my presentation in Dr. Steven Kopp’s class of Retail Consumer Marketing. It is done in front of 50 MBA students, actually they are experienced retail specialists like me,  during 30 minute.


My subject was ‘A New Service Experience via Smart Shopping Cart’. As a Service Designer, I introduced what it is and trends in Retailing. Students quickly responded their  impression how technology influences on their customers and market is being changed. I introduced two-things of innovative changes in retail. One is Smart Shopping Cart, the other is Virtual Store of Homeplus, a Korea retailer of Tesco plc. These made a class  activated.


During discussion, I realized that they are thinking in the U.S boundary not world view. I think three reasons why they do thinking like that. First, English is the powerful language in the world. So they have no interests if it is not written in English. Second, US domestic market is big so don’t care for international market. Third, they have limited experiences outside.


After presentation, I announced my Qualtrics survey based on the internet. I may collect quality data from MBA students. How great day!




I appreciate Dr.Kopp. When I asked to join his class as an auditor, he suggested that I can present my research in his class. He had interests in brand new service, Smart Shopping Cart, and it is fitted for his lecture.



[About a research]

Since November 2011, I’m doing a research with Dr.Fred D. Davis. He is well-known researcher because of his Technology Acceptance Model(TAM). He is a visiting professor of Service Systems Management and Engineering at Sogang University to develop Service Science and  distinguished professor in Information Systems at University of Arkansas. If you are interested in our research, please feel free to contact me via e-mail. glc.daniel@gmail.com


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January 27, 2012 at 5:03 AM

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